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Verifone VX805 Review

Verifone VX805 Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re operating a startup or running a large enterprise, a card reader is mandatory if you want clear, quick, and secure transactions. Nowadays, pin pads, also known as card reader machines, come in very small sizes that enable you to slip them into your pocket and carry them around to different sales locations. Verifone VX805 is also a pin pad machine introduced and managed by the Verifone —technology provider for electronic payment. 

The Verifone VX805 has everything that you need in a card reader machine. You will find fast processors, huge memory, versatile connectivity, and much more in this, and that too, at a very affordable price. 

There’s a lot more about this device that can compel you to buy it for your business, so let’s dig further into this review!

Technical Specifications

First, let’s look at the technical specifications of the Verifone VX805 to learn about the credibility and versatility of the device. 

  • Size: 158mm L × 83.1mm W × 31.4mm D; 0.27kg weight
  • Security: PCI PTS 3. x approved 
  • Memory: 160 MB of memory, 128MB Flash, and 32MB SDRAM
  • Processor: 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor
  • Connectivity: Ethernet 
  • Screen: 2.6″ (128 × 64) monochrome LCD
  • Certifications: EMV level 1 and 2 certified

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Verifone VX805 Review

Verifone VX805 Review

Here’s a detailed review of Verifone VX805 that can help you understand the importance of this device for your business.

Portable and Attractive Design

The Verifone VX805 is portable as it doesn’t come with an embedded printer, making it lightweight. You can easily carry it around to various sales locations to proceed with your transactions successfully. It has a sleek grey color that catches the user’s attention immediately and a wide screen for a complete and clear display, complementing the whole structure of this Verifone VX805.

Large and Clear Screen

The screen of this Verifone VX805 is 2.6 inches; that’s enough for you to see the transaction information. Moreover, it features an LCD screen that offers a clear view of all the digits and information entered into the device. 

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Sturdy Keypad

The Verifone VX805 comes with a 15-key sturdy keypad that enables users who prefer manual operation to use the device precisely. Also, the material used to manufacture this keypad is high-quality and saves the card reader from all sorts of damage. 


Unfortunately, the Verifone VX805 isn’t as versatile in terms of connectivity as some of its other variants are. It only offers Ethernet connectivity and doesn’t support Bluetooth or WiFi, so you have a limited number of connectivity options.

Fast Process

Another fantastic feature of this Verifone VX805 is that it comes with a 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC processor that is fast enough to carry all your small to large transactions without delay.

Ample Memory

The Verifone VX805 has a memory of 160 MB of memory, of which 128MB is Flash and 32MB is SDRAM. This memory is capable of holding moderate information and data without fluctuations.

Different point of sale system

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PCI PTS Certification and EMV Approval

Security is the most prominent feature that no one can ignore while buying a card reader. If you also want something secure and reliable, this Verifone VX805 is best with its PCI PTS certifications and EMV level 1 and 2 approval. It doesn’t matter where you carry the transaction; it’ll be dispensed off timely and safely.

Drawbacks of Verifone VX805

Here are a few of the drawbacks of the Verifone VX805 one shouldn’t overlook before buying it:

No Touchscreen

The Verifone VX805 doesn’t offer any touchscreen feature to the users and only operates manually. This is disliked by merchants who want to open ways for quick and smart transactions.

Not Enough Memory

The memory of this Verifone VX805 is merely 160 MB which isn’t enough to carry on heavy business transactions.

No Multiple Connectivity Options

Another drawback of the Verifone VX805 is that it only works with an Ethernet cable and doesn’t offer Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB connectivity to users.

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Verifone VX805 Guide

How is Verifone MX805 Compared to Others?

Let’s quickly look at features that make Verifone VX805 a better option than many others in the same category.

Secure: As mentioned earlier, the Verifone VX805 is highly secure, which means all your transactions stay safe. It also has levels 1 and 2 of EMV approval, which is something not all pin pad machines available in the market have.

Sturdier: The Verifone VX 805 never disappoints in terms of sturdiness. Its screen and keypad are both made of top-notch material that is resistant to damage.

User-Friendly: Another feature that gives Verifone VX805 an advantage over the others is its user-friendly system. It features a keypad for those who prefer manual entrance of data.

What to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing this Verifone MX805?

We have compiled a few things that you should consider before sealing the deal for this Verifone VX805. Here are a few of these:

  • The Verifone VX805 has PCI PST security certification and EMV level 1 and 2 approval.
  • It’s inexpensive and has multiple features.
  • You get to use it manually as it features a 15 keys keypad.
  • It doesn’t come with a touchscreen option.
  • There’s only ethernet connectivity available.

Where to Buy Verifone VX805? 

You can easily buy this Verifone VX805 from the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart

You should check the official Verifone website before going to any of these options.


The Verifone VX805 is a gift for all those businesses that want a reliable card reader device but are short on budget. This pin pad machine comes with a powerful Processor, clear LCD screen, ample memory, and much more. 

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How Do You Reset Verifone VX805?

To reset the Verifone MX805, click on the red cancel key to exit the terminal and start again after a few seconds.

Is VX805 Contactless?

Yes, the VX805 is contactless as it allows merchants to carry on with multiple modes of transactions, such as NFC, that is contactless.

How to Setup Verifone VX805?

First, open the package and then attach the end of the Verifone cable to the targeted end. After that, insert the Ethernet cable in the eth slot on the Verifone VX805 and plug it into the power outlet. 

Why Your Verifone VX805 isn’t Working?

The reason for this can be anything. Check if the device is charged; if yes, then the EMV connection loss is the reason behind the improper works of the Verifone VX805.

What is Verifone VX805?

The Verifone VX805 is a versatile pin pad machine with a 2.6 inches monochrome LCD screen display. It features a powerful processor and has huge memory that allows merchants to carry on their daily transactions.

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