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Increase your Loyal Customer base with Octopos Customer Display Screen

More than 50% of customers don't return after their first visit

Octopos Customer Display Screen improves the transparency during checkout. Customers can easily see their order details, and add or create loyalty membership.

Sell it InStore and Online

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Inventory Sync

  • Product Sync

Why use Octopos?


Customer forgot the wallet in the car? No problem, just create a ticket and bring it back up to make the payment.


No Business like the time when internet goes down. Nothing to worry with Octopos, we have a semi Offline Integration.


Don’t miss out on potential business by not accepting EBT and SNAP payments. Accept Debit to reduce your payment fees.

Refunds and returns

Accommodate your customers Return and Refund requests by quickly voiding or refunding an item or order.

inventory management

Never run out of  products again. Using our Scanner Android app you can easily receive  inventory in Octopos.

mobile price tag printing

For Retail business having pricing at all places all the  time is a must. Octopos allows you to print price tags using Mobile Printers.

Scanner Scale support

For Grocery Store having flatbed scanner scales are must. Octopos integrates with Honeywell 2700 to provide scale support.

nfc payments

Embrace the latest payment trends out there. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay right from Octopos.

barcode scanner support

Octopos integrates with virtually all the 2D barcode scanners out there. Octopos works with USB and Bluetooth scanners.

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