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The Only POS System Your Hardware Store Needs

Ready to unlock a new level of business growth and success? The Octopos POS System takes on key tasks to help you reach business goals faster! Check out everything this amazing point-of-sale solution has to offer.

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Create the Ultimate Hardware Store Experience for Customers with Our POS System

Octopos offers not just a point of sale, but also a powerful tool that allows business owners to integrate all their operations and manage them from one place. Running a hardware store is not easy, but leveraging our stage-of-the-art features will allow you to achieve business goals more easily and keep a tight ship.

An Intuitive and Cloud-Based Solution for All Your Needs

You’re not tech-savvy? No problem! Octopos is intuitive and you will understand it without an issue. Your employees will also adopt it very quickly without much trouble at all.

This is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your hardware store from anywhere and access powerful tools such as client tracking, employee management, inventory management, and all the other operations that keep your business alive.

Never Struggle with Inventory Management Again

When you’re running a hardware store, inventory is vital and you need to make sure your products are always in stock. However, inventory management can be quite complicated and stressful. The POS System simplifies this important task and allows you to take full control of your inventory from one place.

The Octopos POS System allows you to keep an eye on your stock with real-time updates, automatic notifications when items are running low, and much more. Additionally, you will be able to create purchase orders, make adjustments to the stocks, track your inventory history for insights, and more.

Create the Smoothest Payment Process for Clients

Making payments in your hardware store should be easy and secure, which is one of the main reasons you need the Octopos POS System. With it, you can create the smoothest payment experience for customers.

It allow you to provide a wide variety of payment options, including contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung, and Google. Make it nice and easy for your customers to acquire everything they need from your store and they will keep coming back.

Reach a New Stage with Real-Time Reporting

Your hardware store can’t reach a new stage of growth without high-quality, insightful, and thorough data. That’s where the POS System comes in! It provides you with real-time reporting that will change the way you manage your business.

Real-Time Reporting

The Easiest Way to Track Employee Performance

Managing employees is one of the most important aspects of business because these are the people that help drive business success. The POS System allows you to track employee performance by having access to information such as sales records, total work hours, and other important metrics.

The Easiest Way to Leverage eCommerce Integration

eCommerce integrations allow businesses to grow, including hardware stores. The Octopos POS System helps you unlock the potential of eCommerce and combines it with a top-of-the-line point of sale. With our shopping cart integration and ability to sync inventory, your hardware store will reach more customers than ever.

Keep Customers Hooked on Your Business

All businesses thrive on repeat customers. A major aspect of marketing is building a loyal client base, so it’s very important to provide customers with the best possible experience. Additionally, providing incentives is a great way to keep customers on the hook.

With the POS System you will be able to set up reward cards and loyalty points systems based on different criteria. This way, you can give your customers an additional reason to purchase in your store over any others.

Unmatched Customer Support

The Octopos customer support is always there for you! Whenever you have a question or a doubt about our POS system, you can reach out and we will offer all the guidance you need. We are available 24/7 and we are dedicated to helping you understand the full potential of our POS System.

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