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Take your Retail Game to next level with Octopos POS System for Retail

Take your Retail Game to next level with Octopos POS System for Retail Grown your business, loyal and repeat customers and bottom lime without extra headache.

Point of Sale built for Quick Service Restaurants to simplify operation and increase Loyalty

Kitchen Display Screen

Send your orders directly to kitchen without the extra hassle.

Online Ordering Support

Online Ordering for restaurant is a must these days. Octopos allows you to have your own site for online ordering.

Tips Enabled

Allows your customers to reward your employees by accepting tips right on the Customer Display screen.

Customer Display

Create a transparent checkout experience by showing real time transaction detail on CDS.

Wage Reporting

Get accurate cost analysis of your business. Create a budget for Labor and track it.

Secure Payments

Accept secure and contactless payments. We also support Google, Samsung and Apple Pay.

Take advantage of Most Versatile Solution available

Reward Cards

Rewards are proven to create loyal customers. Use very flexible and intuitive Reward solution out there.

Modifier Support

Create multiple modifiers per products. You can also set extra charges per modifiers.

Low Processing Rate

Our processing rates are just a cherry on top. All the features backed by lowest processing rates possible.

Get the Support you need 24/7 by world class team of Professionals.

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