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Take your Retail Game to next level with Octopos POS System for Retail

Take your Retail Game to next level with Octopos POS System for Retail Grown your business, loyal and repeat customers and bottom lime without extra headache.

Ideal Point of Sale for Retail Stores

Made for Clothing, Sports, Beauty and many other types of Retail Stores.

Employee Management

Easily track time worked, labor and payroll reports from back office portal.

Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory, Purchase Orders and stocks. Order Products in time before they run out.

Insightful Analytics

Get a birds eye view of your retail operation without the extra efforts. Check your top sellers and capitalize on it.

Effortless Sales and Checkout Experience

Octopos is a modern POS system packed with features that provide an outstanding checkout experience service for every customer. After all, customers don’t like waiting around, so streamline your sales transactions using one of the fastest and most intuitive POS systems on the market. Octopos allows your staff to quickly and easy scan items, simplify the returns and refund process, and offer a wide selection of payment options (including contactless) to keep customers happy throughout their checkout experience.

Smooth Checkout

Inventory Management and Stock Control

The Octopos system makes inventory management and stock control easier than ever. Use a wide range of tools to easily manage your inventory, including tracking current stock, identifying best selling products, and automatically replenishing inventory with purchase orders. You can also manage inventory using custom settings, such as color or size, while the system lets you quickly input stock the moment it arrives at the store. Plus, with the ability to import products from previous POS software, migrating to Octopos has never been easier!

Customer Management and Loyalty Programs

Use Octopos’ customer management and loyalty programs to develop a strong relationship with your shoppers! The system lets you create bespoke loyalty programs to retain existing customers and encourage repeat business, helping increase sales and profit. Of course, every store has unique customers with different habits, so the Octopos POS system lets you easily create custom loyalty programs. With scalable and flexible designs, integrate one – or several - unique reward programs to effectively target your customers.

Customer Management

Reporting and Analytics

Use Octopos’ reporting and analytic tools to gain an invaluable insight into your retail performance! Our intuitive reporting tools make it easy to analyze sales data, giving a clearer idea of your customers’ buying habits. With our customer report features, you learn more about your customer habits –and how to keep them coming back. The reporting and analytics tools let you see what products are selling what, what’s not moving quickly, and reveal unique trends amongst your customers.

Ideal Point of Sale for Retail Stores


Sync your in store inventory with over 10 Ecommerce platforms.


Update Product on all channels at once. No need to do manual updates.


Get Started with ecommerce store within few hours. Start selling on multiple channels.


Get latest orders from all your channels into Octopos.

Full Features Solution for Retail Stores

Age Verification

Reward & Loyalty

Autoamted Marketing

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