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Converting your hard work into Repeated Customers

Increases profits, improves sales success, and sustainable growth using our Easy To Implement Reward Program.​

Stop Overpaying to multiple Apps for your Loyalty!

Octopos has a ground up approach to Loyalty, from Reward Redeem to Purchase History all can be handled by Octopos. You don't need to have multiple apps to handle you loyalty needs.

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Boost your Sales with All-in-One POS System from Octopos.

Multiple Ways to
Reward Customers

Product Points

Let customers earn points by assigning points to individual products or items.

Order Payment Points

Let customers earn points by points equal to payment amount.

Revisit Points

Let customers earn points by amount of visits they make to your location.

Get Customers to a Big Reward using multiple rewards on the way

Why limit your business to just one reward program. Use our scalable, and flexible design to create multiple reward programs in parallel.

For example, Give a Free Drink on 100 Points and also give $10 Off on 500 Points.

Free Coffee

on 100 Points

Free Dessert

on 300 Points

Free Meal

on 1000 Points

Why Reward Programs are Critical for Small Businesses?

Read our research backed article on Reward Programs for Small Business.

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