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Find out if your regulars have become regular elsewhere, and Bring Them Back

Use Octopos Automated Marketing to target your regular customers to bring them back if you have lost them.

Unleash the Power of
Smart Segments

At Risk Customers

Find out Reward Members, who haven't been to your location in last 30, 60, 90 or 120 Days.

New Reward Members

Target customer who signed up for the first time.

Target Top Spenders

Target top tier spenders at your business.

Top Spenders by Brand

If you like to target customers by Brand, you can easily achieve that in Octopos.

Your Frequent Visitors

Send Coupon to keep them coming back to your business.

Last Visited You On

Why not send a marketing email to customers who recently visited?

Harness the power of
SMS & Email Marketing

Send a highly targeted coupons or messages to your segments. Once you run the campaign use our dashboard to measure the results.

Best Couponing Engine of any POS in market

Coupon for Discount

Coupon for Discount

Create coupons that can be applied to Product or Order. Create amount discount or percentage discount.

Centralized Coupon Barcode

Centralized Coupon Barcode

Coupons that are tied to campaign will have a trackable barcode for usage and redemptions.

Smart Coupon Redeem

Smart Coupon Redeem

If your campaign have multiple coupons, our system will automatically apply the coupon to current order. No need to manually check and verify.

Trackable Coupons

Trackable Coupons

Coupons can be limited by the usage per reward card. Octopos will prevent multiple usage per reward card automatically, on restricted coupons.

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