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Verifone Mx925

Verifone Mx925 Ultimate Guide

The Verifone Mx925 is a model that offers you new and exciting capabilities. Its large screen is ideal for displaying multimedia that can engage your customers and become a part of your marketing campaigns.

The Mx925 has a large screen that can display high-definition color images and audio. It is fully customizable, and for this reason, it can serve your brand in the best way possible.

In addition to this, it is equipped with a powerful processor so that it completes the payment quickly and effortlessly. Your customers have the option to pay with all the latest payment technologies, thus adding flexibility to the transactions.

In this piece, you are going to learn everything you need to know about the Verifone MX925 and if it’s a great option for your business.

Technical Specifications

Communications: Bluetooth, Ethernet, RS-232, USB host, Wi-Fi


  • Length: 230mm
  • Width: 218mm
  • Height: 56mm

Display: 7″ WVGA (800 × 480) color LCD, Corning Gorilla Glass technology

Audio: full stereo standard on the unit

Memory: 512MB (256MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM)

Power: 12W, 12V DC 1A, power pack input requirements: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Processor: 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor

Security: PCI PTS 4.x approved, EMVCo Level 1 certification

Operating System: V/OS (Linux-based)

Verifone Mx925 Review

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Verifone Mx925 Review

Great Dimensions

The Verifone MX925 is a great device because it is big enough for you to use it as a promotional tool, and not just a payment terminal. Apart from the big screen, the device also features a convenient keypad and a touchscreen. Therefore, transactions are easy and effortless.

Dynamic Display

What the Verifone MX925 is bringing is a dynamic display that is completely customizable, depending on your needs. The screen displays high-definition images and videos and has audio output.

In essence, this allows you to further promote your products, as well as special sales and discounts. The screen can also be split in two so that the customers can review their receipts and sign up for the offers at the same time.

Efficient Touchscreen

The display on the Verifone MX925 is a capacitive touchscreen. The users can further explore the options that you choose to display on the screen, thus further engaging them in your business. The MX925 has an intuitive interface that guides users in every step.

Different point of sale system

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Variety of Connectivity Options

The Verifone MX925 can connect to the Internet in multiple ways. Namely, you can use Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even some USB host. This gives you the flexibility you need to always remain connected, no matter the existing system in your business.

Large Memory Space

One of the greatest things about the Verifone MX925 is that it has a large memory space. With 512MB available, you have the option to display any multimedia you would like, without risking slowing the payment process. The memory space is divided between 256MB of flash space and 256MB of SDRAM space.

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Backlit Keypad

The Verifone MX925 is also equipped with an integrated, tactile, and backlit keypad. This speeds up the process as the customers can confidently tap the right keys. Moreover, the backlight enhances the visibility of the keys even when there is no strong lighting in the business.

Flexible Transactions

The MX925 is a device that can accommodate every customer. Namely, it supports EMV chip cards, PIN debit, contactless cards that use NFC technology, and mobile wallets. This flexibility makes it a great device for every business that wants quick and easy transactions. 

High Security

When selecting a payment terminal, you need to pick a device to conforms to the security standards. The Verifone MX925 is PCI PTS 4.x approved and EMV Level 1 approved to guarantee that it is secure and that it can process all the transactions.

Backward Compatibility

One of the biggest benefits of the Verifone MX925 is its backward compatibility. In more detail, you can use your existing cabling solutions from your MX800 series. This makes upgrading your payment terminals easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Verifone Mx925

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How Does Verifone Mx925 Compare to Other POS Terminals?

Reasons for Getting It

There are many reasons why the Verifone MX925 stands out. The most important advantages of this device are the following:

  • It has an interactive screen that enables you to use your payment terminal for marketing campaigns. Supporting high-definition videos with audio is the best way to promote new products and special services to your customers.
  • The MX925 can easily connect to the Internet by multiple methods. If you are upgrading from an MX800 series model, then you can simply use your pre-existing cabling.
  • It has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes the payment process easy. The customer will see clear prompts on the screen and the MX925 also possesses ATM-style keys.

Limitations and Drawbacks

Despite its practicality and convenience, the Verifone MX925 also has some disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. The main drawback of this device is the following:

The MX925 will be discontinued since Verifone has an End of Life plan for PCI 3 devices. The support for these models will be until April 2023, which means that they will no longer be feature enhancements or bug fixes.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that the Verifone MX925 brings something new with a high-definition touchscreen, a powerful processor, and multiple payment types. It is not just a payment terminal, and for this reason, it is a device that every business needs to discover.

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How to Set Up Verifone mx925?


What Can I Display on the MX925 Screen?

The Verifone MX925 screen can display any type of multimedia you wish, images, videos, and audio files.

Is the Verifone MX925 Portable?

No, MX925 is not a portable device.

Does the Verifone MX925 Accept Mobile Wallets?

Yes, Verifone MX925 supports multiple payment types, including mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How Can I Turn the Volume Down on the MX925?

Since the MX925 is also playing sound, you might want to turn the volume up and down. You can easily do that by tapping the UP or DOWN buttons respectively.

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