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Verifone MX 915 Review

Verifone MX915 Ultimate Guide

Pin pads, also known as card readers, are electronic card-based transaction devices that allow businesses to receive payment from customers hassle-free. These are lightweight and small in size, making it easy for you to carry them to different sales locations. There is a huge variety of card reader brands available in the market, but Verifone takes the lead due to its highly secure and EMV-certified card machines. 

The MX 915 is also an exceptional product from Verifone that is highly secure and offers unprecedented processing speeds. With it, you don’t have to worry about delayed or incomplete transactions. Moreover, it is an expensive gadget, but the features present in Verifone MX 915 justify the price. 

If you’re planning to quickly get your hands on this card reader but are reluctant to determine whether or not it fits your needs, we got you covered. Let’s read through this detailed guide to learn more about the Verifone MX 915!

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Technical Specifications

Here are the most prominent technical specifications of Verifone MX915 that help you understand the potential of the electronic payment device:

  • Security: PCI PTS 4. x approved
  • Memory: 512MB (256MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM) 
  • Certifications: EMV level 1 and 2 certified 
  • Screen: 4.3″ (480 × 272) color LCD | Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology
  • Processor: 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor
  • Size: 225mm L × 182mm W × 56mm H
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, USB
Verifone MX 915 Guide

Verifone MX915 Review

Certain features make Verifone MX915 unique and different from other products in this category. Let’s have a quick look at a few of these features to get a better idea:

Lightweight and Adorable Design 

Weighing only 0.16 ounces, this Verifone MX915 is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. This factor makes this Verifone pin pad machine different from all the others in the same category. Its sleek black color and smooth design also get maximum buyers’ attention. The tiny keypad on the card reader is enough to leverage large retailers or enterprises to make this Verifone MX915 their ultimate friend!

Large and Clear Screen

This Verifone MX915 features a 4.3 inches LCD screen that’s large and Clear enough to help the user understand all its terms and terminologies. In addition, it has Gorilla Glass Technology that keeps this device safe against all sudden force attacks and powerful impacts. As the screen comes with high-quality color and clearance, the process going on in the card reader becomes easy to understand.


Just like many other Verifone card reader devices, Verifone MX915 also offers versatile connectivity options. You can connect it to WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB. Even if you don’t have a steady internet connection and want to complete a transaction, you can connect it to Bluetooth and continue with your work.

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Steady Keypad

The keypad is located at the center of this device that’s specifically designed to make the device user-friendly for those who can’t keep up with wireless and smart instructions. The 15 keys present on it are different digits and enter or delete buttons. All these keys are made of top-notch material, keeping them safe and operational for a long time.

Fast and Powerful Processor

With a 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC processor, this Verifone MX915 is powerful enough to dispense off all your payments within seconds. You don’t have to stress over delayed or incomplete transactions now and then.

Ample Memory

This Verifone MX915 has an ample memory of 512MB (256MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM), which means the device can store all your data and helps you proceed your transactions hassle-free.

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EMV Certified and NFC Compatibility 

Everyone likes to know whether the device they are investing in is certified or not. The Verifone MX915 is EMV level 1 and 2 Certified and accepts all types of gift, credit, and debit cards. It’s also NFC compatible, making it an excellent option to share and transfer money from an NFC-enabled device. 

Drawbacks of Verifone MX915

Let’s quickly sneak at a few of the drawbacks of the Verifone MX915 before you seal the final deal:


The Verifone MX915 is one of the most expensive card reader machines. So, if you are short on budget, you can’t really get your hands on this device.

Unstable Connection

Although the Verifone MX915 is designed to carry heavy transactions, many users complained about connection loss with the terminal. This sometimes results in delayed payment or a malfunctioning card reader.

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Verifone MX 915 Guide
POS Global Concepts

How is Verifone MX915 Compared to Others?

Nothing can beat the class of Verifone MX915 as it’s highly suitable for large businesses and retailers who have to do heavy transactions daily. However, several other factors make this Verifone MX915 different from others. Let’s have a look at a few!

Highly Secure: The Verifone MX915 is EMV level 1 and 2 certified, which makes it reliable enough for all your small to large transactions. 

Reliable: The screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass Technology; it’s resistant to damage and any other forceful impact. The keypad is also made of sturdy material and doesn’t get damaged over excessive use.

User-Friendly: This card reader machine features a touch and manual operating system. So, users who want to add everything manually can utilize the 15 keys keypad for their transaction. Moreover, there is a 4.3 inches LCD screen that offers a clear and easy-to-understand view of whatever is going on the device.

Versatility: The Verifone MX915 allows you to use it with whatever connection you have. It works perfectly with USB, WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. 

What to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing this Verifone MX915?

Here are a few things that you’d keep in mind before buying the Verifone MX915:

  • The Verifone MX915 is EMV level 1 and 2 certified.
  • It is NFC-compatible and transacts money from other NFC-enabled devices.
  • You can connect to any network of your likings, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, or Ethernet.
  • This card reader machine is small and lightweight.
  • It’s pretty expensive compared to other models.

Where to Buy Verifone MX915?

You can easily find your favorite MX915 at the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay

Don’t forget to consult the official website too! 


The Verifone MX915 works exceptionally for large businesses where you are always busy doing heavy transactions. It features a 4.3 inches screen and has multiple EMV certifications. You can use it to transact money from any gift, credit, and debit card. So, make sure you grab your Verifone MX915 and make the payment process ready easy.

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How Can You Reset Your Verifone MX915?

First, go to the Verifone settings and then click on the payment processing option. After that, press the configure on the lightspeed banner. Under the SHOPS, you need to click on the payment terminal for your shop, and a new window will appear on the screen. Enter the terminal name, and lastly, enter the activation code of that terminal and add it to your device.

How to Reset the Verifone MX915?

To reset your Verifone MX915, you must first find your card reader’s IP address. On the terminal keypad of the Verifone MX915, press the 1, 5, and 9 keys altogether. The screen will ask for a password, so then enter the “166832” and click on the green key saying enter. Your Verifone MX915 will be reset.

Is Verifone MX915 Secure?

Yes, Verifone MX915 has EMV level 1 and 2 certifications that make it secure and reliable.

How to Find the IP Address of Verifone MX915?

For a running device, the IP address can easily be found in the POSIM. Go to the Administration section, then Payment Preferences, and lastly, click on the Payment terminal to get your Verifone MX915 IP address.

What to do if Verifone MX915 isn’t Working?

You need to ensure your Verifone MX915 is wholly charged. For this purpose, press the red button on the device until the screen displays a shutting down message. Please wait 30 seconds and press the green button to turn it back on.

What Does a Pin Pad Error Mean? 

Pin pad error means the connection between the Verifone MX915 and EMV is either distributed or lost. 

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