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Verifone VX680

Verifone Vx680 Ultimate Guide – Everything You Need to Know

An effective payment solution allows your employees to adapt to different levels of service. With the Verifone Vx680, you can make necessary changes whether you are opening a new bar or restaurant location. The device allows you to go places and meet the payment needs of your customers.

The Verifone Vx680 is specifically tailored for merchants who are constantly on the move. The fully-functional and highly portable payment device is powered packed for performance and efficiency. Merchants who operate a business such as delivery services, restaurants, and stadium vendors find this device beneficial, especially due to its lightning-fast process speeds, wide selection of connection options, security, and reliability of the proven VX platform. In this article, we will explore:

Technical Data


  • Length: 172mm
  • Width: 82mm
  • Height: 62mm


  • VX 680 3G: 502g terminal; 1,114g full shipping
  • VX 680 WF/BT: 481g terminal; 1,214g full shipping
  • VX 680 GPRS: 479g terminal; 1,169g full shipping

Memory: 192MB (128MB Flash, 64MB SDRAM)

Processor: 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor

Display: 3.5″ color QVGA, resistive touchscreen

Printer: 18 lps, 38mm paper roll

Base Connectivity

  • VX 680 WF/BT: Ethernet, dial-up modem
  • VX 680 GPRS, VX 680 3G: Ethernet, dialup modem, UART (via USB dongle)

Terminal Connectivity

  • VX 680 WF/BT: WiFi 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth local area
  • VX 680 GPRS: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • VX 680 3G: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; UMTS/HSPA+ 800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz

Card Readers: Triple track MSR, landed smart card


  • ISO14443 A&B
  • ISO18092-capable
  • MiFare
  • EMVCo L1 certification
  • supports major NFC/contactless schemes

Peripheral Ports

  • Single multi-port connector supports RS-232,
  • USB host
  • USB slave and integrated charging


  • VX 680 GPRS, VX 680 WF/BT: PCI PED 2.0, PCI PTS 3.0
  • VX 680 3G: PCI PTS 3.0


  • Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
  • Storage temperature: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 90%, non-condensing
  • Power: Li-Ion 7.2V/1800mAh Battery

GPS: VX 680 3G only

Dual SIM: VX 680 3G only

Other Standard Features: 3 SAM slots, audio/video player

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verifone vx 680reviews

Vx680 Review

The Verifone Vx680 stands out as a small, portable payment device that helps merchants accept payments anywhere. Whether you are running a tableside dining business or making deliveries, the device will make the payment process faster and more efficient. A review of the Vx680 reveals the following unique features:

Flexible Connectivity

With the Vx680, you get a variety of connectivity options that allow you to accept payment anywhere. Whether you are a stadium vendor or you offer delivery services, your business will benefit from the wireless connection options. The optional base stations also provide additional connectivity options that offer greater flexibility.

Accepts a Wide range of Payments

Since the aim of the Vx680 is to meet the needs of the merchants on the go, it accepts a wide range of payments. This includes technologies such as EMV chip cards and NFC mobile wallets. It also accepts traditional cards such as magnetic strip credit cards and PIN debit cards using an internal PINpad.

Offline Mode

The Vx680 comes with an offline mode, known as store and forward that you can use when a connection is unavailable. This mode allows you to accept payments that are held for authorization until a connection is secured. You can also process voids and refunds, giving you more flexibility.

Different point of sale system

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Large Touchscreen

Although the Vx680 is relatively small in size, it comes with a large touchscreen that makes it easier to use. You can view HD graphics and complete your transactions easily and within the shortest time possible.

Support of Value-Added Apps

One of the most unique features of the Vx680 is that it supports value-added apps. This gives merchants new opportunities for revenue generation and the support of a wider range of customers.

Fast Processing Speeds

Merchants who use Vx680 enjoy lightning-fast processing speeds. This allows you to complete many transactions within a short period and leave your customers satisfied.

Highly Reliable and Secure

The Vx680 offers reliability and security of operations on the proven VX platform. The device is PCI PED 2.0 and PCI PTS 3.0 approved to ensure that every transaction is secured.

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Benefits of Vx680

The portable and full-functional nature of the Vx680 makes it a useful tool for a wide range of merchants. In addition to the range of features that the device comes with, it is also associated with the following benefits:

  • The Vx680 is a fully functional and portable device that is power-packed with performance to increase productivity. It allows merchants to process on-the-spot transactions within a minimal wait time.
  • The Vx680 delivers wireless connection through WiFi/Bluetooth combo, GPRS, or 3G to meet specific needs of any environment requirement
  • The Vx680 has a purposeful design that is durable and adaptable to meet the specific need and more demanding retail environments.
  • Supports loyalty-building, value-added, and profit-producing applications
  • Enables mobile payments with Verifone’s NFC software technology
  • Offers maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
verifone vx 680 wireless terminal


The Vx680 is designed for merchants on the move, which makes it a beneficial payment solution. Although it has many benefits, it is worth considering some of its drawbacks:

  • The device is a little bit bulky compared to other devices in the same category
  • The device cannot be paired with other devices
  • It is limited in terms of operating systems

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Is the Vx680 an Ideal Choice for Your Business?

The Vx680 is a highly portable mobile payment solution that you can use on the go. Although you can use the device in any business setting, you can derive more value if your business involves a lot of movement. Therefore, this device is ideal for merchants who are constantly on the move. You will find it more beneficial if you own a restaurant, a bar, delivery services, a stadium vending store, and other similar businesses.


Merchants who are always on the move need a payment solution that is always ready when business calls. The Vx680 is designed to achieve this and more. The device is highly portable and yet comes with a full range of functions to meet the needs of businesses in different environments. You get to work with a device that comes with a purposeful design and flexible connectivity options for higher productivity.

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