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Verifone e285

Verifone e285 Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Merchants use a wide range of approaches to make the payment process smooth and convenient for customers. One of the most effective ways is to make the process of payments swift, quick, and efficient. The Verifone e285 was designed with convenience and style in mind. The device is made of a large touchscreen that comes with signature capture to improve every customer interaction.

The Verifone e285 I a good choice for merchants who want to achieve faster checkouts. The payment process is faster, with the software being faster and more convenient for any situation. You can also carry the e285 with you to any part of your store so that customers do not have to wait in a queue to make payments. In this article, we explore the e285 in detail, including:


Verifone e285 Overview

The Verifone e285 is an integrated mPOS device with both Bluetooth and WiFi communication options. It allows merchants to make secure payment acceptance anywhere without being over-dependent on a smart device. The mPOS solution features a color touchscreen that is capable of capturing a signature. The device is also built on the Verifone Engage platform to enable rich customer interaction at the point of sale.

The Verifone e285 comes with a memory of 512MB Flash to support everyday payment transactions. It is highly compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android and can be connected to other devices using Bluetooth or WiFi. With an 1800 mAH rechargeable, field-replaceable batter, you can process EMV, MSR, and NFC/CTLS payments.

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verifone e285 review

Verifone e285 Review

Verifone e285 is a highly portable device that can be used by merchants on the move. The devices offer flexibility in payments and can be used in almost any setting. The following review points out some of the most defining features of the e285.

Flexible Connectivity Options

You can connect your Verifone e285 to WiFi or Bluetooth with low energy. This allows merchants to process wireless payments with convenience and offer customers more flexible options. Combined with the field-replaceable battery, the device minimizes interruptions, offering merchants a more reliable option.

Highly Portable

The Verifone e285 is pocket-sized, lightweight, and easy to carry on the go. With its dimensions being 138 mm x 68 mm x 18 mm and a weight of 190g, you can carry this mPOS with you at all times to process payments on demand.

Maximum Security

The Verifone e285 is a highly secure mPOS solution for everyday use. The device is PCI PTS 5. x approved, which is the highest level of global security certification. Despite being small in size, the e285 promises the security of every transaction.

Extremely Robust

The Verifone e285 is extremely robust and can be used in a wide range of business environments. The device is ideal for any sized merchant and can be used with any device or tablet. You can also use it with any POS to achieve more convenience for your customers. The device can be standalone or molded to fit in many ways to meet specific mPOS needs.

Accepts a Range of Payments

The Verifone e285 accepts the latest payment types for an easier and quicker process. Since it is built on the Verifone Engage Platform, the share software architecture allows the e285 to have rich customer interaction and more cost-effective application development.

Highly Compatible

The Verifone e285 works seamlessly with various operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. This not only increases the range of applications but also reduces the total cost of ownership when a merchant invests in a new smart device. You will only need to use Bluetooth or USB-C connector for a reliable setup and connection to a smart device with low pairing energy.

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Benefits of Verifone e285

The Verifone e285 is a choice for many in processing payment transactions quickly and efficiently. In addition to being a highly portable device, the e285 is also flexible and highly compatible. The main benefits of this device include:

  • Connectivity to Bluetooth and WiFi, which delivers wireless payment convenience
  • Accepts all payment types, including NFC/CTLS, EMV, mobile wallets, and magstripe
  • Come with a large field-replaceable battery for all-day use without the worry of the device switching off unexpectedly
  • The device is part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, which leverages the power and performance of the latest V/OS in a modern application environment
  • Can be connected to a USB-C connector or paired with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to provide a reliable setup and connectivity to smart devices

Drawbacks of Verifone e285

Although the Verifone e285 has several benefits, it also has some drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. The device works well in safe and quick payment processing, but it also suffers from the following limits:

  • It takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the e285 to make a maintenance call and synchronize the configuration and update the software when you turn it on for the first time o after a long time.
  • The 512MB Flash and 512MB SDRAM are slightly smaller compared to other devices in this category

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Is Verifone e285 the Right Choice for My Business?

If you are thinking of business on the go, then the Verifone e285 may be the right payment processing device for you. With the e285, you are a standalone mobile point-of-sale device that you can use for secure payment acceptance anywhere. The device is ideal for both small and big businesses, and merchants can process a wide range of payment options preferred by their customers. The device allows you to create a dynamic payment experience for every customer regardless of the payment method they choose.  


The Verifone e285 is an integrated mPOS device with both Bluetooth and WiFi communication options. You can make secure payment acceptance anywhere using this device without having to rely on other model devices. With a color touchscreen that captures signatures, you can give your customers a richer interaction and convenience in making payments. 

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