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Verifone M400 Ultimate Guide: What You Need to Know

When looking for credit card terminals, many merchants go for versatile devices, capable of doing more. They want a device that serves the needs of the customers and is appealing to the eye. Features such as screen size, compatibility with other devices, and support for multiple payment methods are often on top of the list.

Among the devices that merchants can find helpful in everyday business transactions is the Verifone M400. The device is defined by having more features, tools, and functionality that make it more competitive and innovative. In this guide, we will explore the unique features of the Verifone M400 and determine whether it is a good choice for your business. We will cover:

Verifone M400 review

Verifone M400 Overview

The Verifone M400 is a versatile credit card terminal, which comes with a stunning 5” FWVGA display. The multi-use, scrolling split screen allows you to do more with the device. With Verifone Connect, you can customize the M400 terminal with interactive apps that build customer loyalty and drive brand preference. You also get to enjoy a modern framework and operating systems since the M400 operates an open, Linux-based architecture.

In terms of usability, the M400 is a signature capture PIN pad with a memory size of 1GB, and optional BLE/beaconing capabilities. It can be connected to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and an audio jack. Its card readers include Triple track MSR: ISO 7810, 7811, 7813, and smart card reader: EMVCo-approved. Since it comes with open-LINUX-based technology, the M400 empowers developers with a modern framework, tools, and an operating system that simplify and lower development costs.

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Verifone m400 guide

Verifone M400 Review

The Verifone M400 takes the multilane transaction process to a whole new level. In addition to its sleek and innovative design, it also boasts a stunning 5” multi-touch display and higher screen resolutions. Here is a complete review of the M400, and what makes it stand out:

A purposeful Design

The Verifone M400 comes with a purposeful design that makes it easier to use. Every detail of the device is eloquently designed from its elevated EMV slot for easier card insertion and the sleek appearance that gives it a stylish look. The angle of the display is also well-calibrated for easier use across different settings.

Highly Customizable

With the Verifone M400, you have several options for customization. You can elevate the in-store shopping experience using its advanced personalization and e-commerce capabilities that rival the online experience. This allows you to do more with the device and meet more needs of your business. Verifone’s Merchant Marketplace also allows retailers to customize their point of sale with interactive and innovative apps that build customer loyalty, drive brand preference, and generate new revenue.

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A seamless Integration

The Verifone M400 is seamlessly integrated with other devices for more flexibility. They include backward connectivity with MX 900 cabling, modular connectivity, and flexible development tools that simplify integration and deployment.

Flexible Payment Options

The Verifone M400 offers you a wide range of payment options by incorporating the latest payment technology. This includes the acceptance of the latest payment types as beacon capabilities that enhance flexibility and delivery of personalized value-added services and offers.

Stunning Display

The stunning 5” FWVGA display is one of the features of the M400 that stands out. The display comes with multi-touch gesturing capability and supports splitting/scrolling screen features, which makes the device a crowd, please. It also supports full-motion video, and the optional BLE/beaconing capabilities make the M400 an ideal choice for many.

Benefits of Verifone M400

The main factor that sets the Verifone M400 apart from other devices in this category is the incorporation of the latest payment technologies. With customers looking for more convenience in payment options, the M400 stands as a device of choice to serve many of those needs. Some of the key benefits of this device include:

  • An enhanced user interface that comes with intuitive screens and prompts
  • Flexible connectivity options, including Bluetooth/BLE and WiFi
  • Current use and ready for the future by supporting MSR, EMV, NFC/contactless, and mobile wallet payments
  • Utilizes the power of Verifone Connect for point-of-sale customization, security device management, and support
  • With the easy connection to the Verifone App Marketplace, you do not need to recertify the terminal to the customer at the point of sale
  • Highly secure with the full support of PCI 5. X-certified device

Drawbacks of Verifone M400

The M400 is designed to offer unique features and provide a powerful device for merchants. While you can use this credit card terminal in various environments, it still has some weaknesses.

  • Limited operating system since it only operated on Engage V/OS
  • Some people consider the M400 a bit bulky, especially if you are looking for a highly portable device

Different point of sale system

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Is Verifone M400 the Right Choice for My Business?

If you are looking for a powerful credit card terminal, then the Verifone M400 may be the right choice for your business. You will get a sleek, Pin Pad POS device with a range of advanced commerce and personalization capabilities. The M400 leverages the secure and connected framework of the Verifone Engage family to transform the in-store experience.

As an interactive and commerce-enabling device, the M400 delivers rich and two-way interactions that engage customers in a revolutionary way. It ensures that your payment terminals are ready to support your business using the Verifone centralized terminal management system. The highly customizable device will allow you to build customer loyalty, drive brand preference, and generate new revenue.


The Verifone M400 is a versatile credit card terminal that allows retailers to customize their payment features and appeal to customers with a stunning 5” FWVGA display. The device stands out because of its unique features and can be used by retailers in any industry. Thanks to its Omnichannel, the device helps break down channel silos with integrated technology, allowing retailers to build more profitable and personalized customer experiences.

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