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Grocery POS (Point of Sale) built for skyrocketing your Revenue!

It's about having the right information at your fingertips to run your operation efficiently. From Purchas Orders to Mobile Inventory Management, we got your retail operation covered. Octopos is ranked by the experts as one of the best Grocery Store Pos System.

Grocery Store Pos System by Octopos

πŸ‘πŸ½ Trusted by Hundreds of Independent Grocers around North America


80% Revenue Growth @ Orange Tommy in less than 16 Months!

β€œOctopos has been a very integral part of the Orange Tommy family. Switching to Octopos was a breeze. They have been very hands-on in the implementation and training process. After changing to Octopos, we have seen tremendous improvement in our sales and check out times....”

Point of Sale made for Grocery Store by Grocery Store Owners.

Scanner Scale Integration

Octopos out the gate integrates with Honeywell Scanner scale and host of other hardwares.

EBT Support

Don't miss out on potential revenues. Allows your customers to pay for their food using SNAP and EBT

Multiple Tax Rates

We understand that each geography has their own Tax Rates. Use our system to manage multiple tax rates.

Multiple Barcode Support

Often times Grocers needs to have multiple scannable Barcodes per product. You can easily do that in Octopos.

Shelf Price Tag Printing

Use the power of Zebra Mobile printers to print price tags along with reward information right on the floor.

Customer Display Screen

Create a better checkout experience for your customers by implementing Customer Display Screen.

πŸ–¨οΈ Stop Losing Revenue due to mispriced items. It doesn't get easier than Octopos for Printing.

πŸš€ Best Couponing & Promotions Engine in the Market!

Deli Scale Support for Meat, Cheese and Other Variable Priced Items!

We work with most of the Deli Label Scale with Printer. Octopos Automatically decodes the barcodes from most of the printer in the market!

πŸš€ Reward Program built to attract New Customers and Retain Existing ones!

Sign up New Members anywhere!

Signup new Reward Members at the shop, on the Customer Display Screen or through a webpage and SMS.

Multi Tiered Reward Program

Attract and Retain Loyal Customers by offering Rewards in many different ways. Offer Reward by Payments, by Visits or By Product Points.

Custom Branded Loyalty App

Build your own Custom Branded App so your customers can see real time progress on their Rewards.

Become an Efficient Grocer. Take your bottom line to new heights!

Octopos is an All in One Toolkit and a point of success for your grocery store. By leveraging our sophisticated Inventory and Marketing modules, you can improve your sales and bottom line.

Never run out of your Products!

Take control of your business by making sure you never run out of products. Our system allows you to easily add products and create Purchase orders before products run out.

POS Hardware for successful business.

Take control of your business by making sure you never run out of products. Our system allows you to easily add products and create Purchase orders before products run out.

eCommerce + Online Ordering
= Better Tomorrow

Covid-19 has affected small businesses all over the world. Octopos POS software has the right tools to get you through these tough times. Use our eCommerce platform and Online Ordering for Restaurants to take your business to a better tomorrow.

Integrations to 10x your Revenue!

Increase your sales by selling your retail products on multiple channels. Sync orders, inventory across all the platforms. A perfect combination of eCommerce and Point of Sale.

Serving Customers from Mesa, Arizona with Love!

24/7 Customer Support by Phone, Email or Chat. We are always by your side, day or night!

β€” 97.6  Customer Satisfaction

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Boost your Sales with All-in-One POS System from Octopos.

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