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Octopos @ Orange Tommy


Orange Tommy is one of the fastest growing players in Ethnic Grocery in Arizona Market. They started out as an innovative ecommerce service provider for Ethnic Grocery in 2019, and branched into physical stores. Orange Tommy started out with another POS provider, but they quickly realized limitations of their previous solution.

“Octopos has been a very integral part of the Orange Tommy family. Switching to Octopos was a breeze. They have been very hands-on in the implementation and training process. After changing to Octopos, we have seen tremendous improvement in our sales and check out times. I think the reason their product is very valuable to grocery stores is because they understand the grocery industry. We at Orange Tommy, highly recommend the solution to anyone wanting to grow their grocery or retail business.”

- Karanvir Singh

Grocery Store Pos System by Octopos

After Implementation Orange Tommy have seen:

  • Improved Checkout Speeds
  • Less Training Time for Employees
  • Increase in Sales
  • Decrease in Payment Processing Costs

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