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Octopos @ Turmeric Cash and Carry


Turmeric is one of the leading Indian grocery store chains with a total of 4 locations around the valley. Combined they have over 40,000 sq ft of retail space. They specialize in a huge diverse product selection as well as some of the best Fresh food items at their Chandler location. Hundreds of thousands of South Asian members of Arizona rely on Turmeric to deliver on they promise of Fresh Foods and Ingredients.

“In 2016, we opened our first location at 1209 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, covering an area of 15000 sq. ft. Our main objective was to offer top-notch groceries and produce to the residents of Phoenix Valley. Over time, we have expanded our operations and become a leading player in the industry. We decided to partner with Octopos after recognizing its expertise in grocery store management, particularly in customer relationship management. With Octopos's advanced multi-location features, we can efficiently track our sales, inventory, and customer data across our four locations. They have been responsive and eager to hear what we have to say and are always working towards improving their Software. We believe that Octopos deserves a big credit in making us a successful chain in Arizona. ”

- Anjal Reddy

After Implementation Turmeric have seen:

  • Increase in sales at all their locations.
  • Less Training Time for Employees.
  • Reduced Product Gap and Wastage.
  • Decrease in Payment Processing Costs.

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