Stop losing money to Fixed Rate Payment Processors.

We are able to provide savings of over %500/month to our customers by giving them access to wholesale payment processing.

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Wholesale Payment Processing for Small Business

2.19% + 5¢​

Average Credit Card Rate based on $25 Avg Ticket.

1.59% + 5¢

Average Pin Debit Rate based on $25 Avg Ticket.

Average Credit Card Rate based on $25 Avg Ticket

2.19% + 5¢​

Average Pin Debit Rate for $25 Transaction

1.59% + 5¢

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"Best decisions we ever made."
"Incredible savings on Processing fees!"
"Customer service is amazing!"
"Allowed us to aim and achieve higher!"

Use it with your existing Point of Sale. Start Saving in less than 24 Hours!

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

We offer the best rates in the industry, if you find better rates we can match the competition!

No Contracts

We don't believe in locking our customers to a contact they can't get out of.

No Early Termination Fees

No long term agreements, you come and go on your terms.

In House Pos System

Homemade POS system full of dynamic features, made specifically for OctoPOS customers.

Next Day Funding

We know the urgency of having your funds deposited next day. Most of our merchants get their deposits next day.

Service You Can Trust

Fair pricing, 24/7 customer support, we want you to know you’re in the right hands.

Leverage the power of Pax Terminals.

  • Contactless Payment

    Pandemic is completely changing how customers pay. Take advantage of our NFC capability to accept payments safely.

  • EMV Certified

    All our payment devices are EMV certified. This takes liability of EMV certification away from you.

  • Debit / EBT Friendly

    Don't miss on potential customers by ignoring EBT payments. Octopos is fully capable of accepting EBT and Debit Cards.

Savings on Interchange fees.

  • Simple Fee

    No Hidden Fees. No PCI Fees. No Compliance Fees. Simple Interchange plus rates.

  • No Contract

    We know how painful it is, when you unintentionally sign a long term contract. We don't bind our customers for merchant processing contracts.

  • Debit Savings

    Use our Debit prompt technology to reduce your interchange fees. Did you know that accepting Debit cards are lot cheaper for businesses?

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Small businesses nationwide use Octopos to take their Revenue and bottom line to next level.

Sanecraft LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands Texas

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